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February 03, 2020   -   Mondays With Mel

 “This month’s podcast focuses on the US opioid epidemic and a family picking up the pieces after the loss of their talented, hopeful boy. Rhonda Miller discusses the loss of her son due to an accidental overdose and the isolation following his death from family and friends. Since 2018, the Millers founded a nonprofit, Speak Up For Ben, breaking through the solitude and creates a sense of community with strangers. Speak Up For Ben is located in Northampton, Pennsylvania and hosts several events at the Oasis Community Center.
Their messaging is simple:   Break the Silence   -   End the Stigma   -   Never forget

To understand how you can play a role in reducing the stigma of addiction, listen to this episode of Mondays With Mel.”



August 28, 2019

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June 28, 2019   -   Pennsylvania Department of Drug & Alcohol

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May 22, 2019